Body Harvest

Body Harvest

Nintendo 64

Sound Design responsibilities

  • Entire Game Music Composition
  • Cutscenes

4 thoughts on “Body Harvest

  1. Everyone loves the music for body harvest – how did you do it? Was it all done electronically or did you write the music then have some strings players come record?

      1. Gotcha. And how did the idea for the music come about, like who was it that said, “Yeah we definitely need to have pretty piano and violin music playing for this game about blowing up giant bugs with tanks and planes before they can eat anyone”, it seems like they meant for it to be humorous or something, I mean what other games would do that?

  2. Hi James

    I went through a number of styles and thought the John Williams style film score would suite it best. I also wanted high quality samples in a small emory footprint so that’s why there’s only strings piano and percussion and not much else.

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