Game Audio Developer

Award winning audio developer with 19 years experience in AAA game development in all genres of games. Amassed a broad range of skills from music composition to sound design and project management. An ear for detail and a stylistic approach to audio design, keen to be involved in a highly creative but highly controlled work environment.

• Accomplished Sound Designer/Composer
• Excellent knowledge of Wwise
• Excellent knowledge of Audio DAW’s
• Excellent knowledge of Interactive Music
• Excellent attitude towards creative ideas
• Excellent understanding of how audio can enhance a game
• Excellent Communication skills
• Scheduling audio for projects
• Designing UI Interfaces/Flow
• Able to work alone, problem solve, and with a team


2010 – Present Codemasters
Lead Audio Designer

Audio Design for racing titles. Planning, designing new audio features, and testing new technology for next gen title. All aspect of audio design, environment placement, Wwise middleware, project management.


2003 – 2010 Realtime Worlds
Senior Audio Designer

Responsible for recording, editing, implementing sound FX for Crackdown and APB as well as lead system designer on the music studio for APB creative tool set.

1995 – 2003 Rockstar North/DMA Design
Audio Designer/Composer

Producing, performing, engineering and mastering music and


• 2 Audio Bafta’s
• 19 published computer games including:
• GTA I, II, III and Vice City
• Crackdown
• Bodyharvest
• GRiD 2
• DiRT Rally – Award for Best Racing Game Audio – V.V.V.

• 5 released music albums as electronic artist Reporter


Kristofor Mellroth
Senior Audio Director
Microsoft Game Studio

I worked with Stuart on Crackdown. He is a very creative sound designer and is able to leverage his considerable musical talents into his work. He created some of the most iconic sounds in Crackdown including the well-known “orbs.”
He also has great technical chops and tuned both the physics sounds and vehicle audio. Both of which are what I consider expert level technical challenges and he completed both to outstanding results.
His further contributions from soundtrack, original score, ambience, etc etc are too numerous to list. He is an asset to anyone building an audio team.
In short, Stuart is the real deal, the complete package, the bee’s knees.


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